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Services We Provide

Feeling Mom's Tummy

Whether you come to Mama Bear Midwifery for prenatal care or a annual exam, I offer thorough, unhurried care. With longer visits that typically last an hour, Mama Bear Midwifery prioritizes client-led care where time is made for informed decision making and developing a caring relationship based on trust and respect. I provide the same standard of OB/GYN care a healthy and low-risk client would receive if going to a hospital based or clinic based practice - and much more!


A hospital/clinic based provider generally has anywhere between 10-20 minutes for a routine office visit and can see up to 24+ clients in a day. While the most basic and necessary medical care can be done in this time, it does not provide space for all needs to be addressed or the very important social, emotional, and/or spiritual aspects of a client's health experience. I want every part of you to feel welcome in your care and I will ensure that time is made for all needs and concerns.

Pregnant Woman with Mother

Free Home Birth Consultations

It is really important that you like and feel comfortable with your health care provider.

The consultation is either a 60 minute individual or group session that gives time for you to learn about midwifery, home birth, me, the Mama Bear team, home birth services, and fees- and answers to questions you bring.


This time also gives me an opportunity to begin to assess your wellness and determine if home birth is the best option for you.

Prenatal Care


 Scheduled visits are every month until 28 weeks, then twice monthly until 36 weeks, weekly until 41 weeks and twice weekly until the baby is born. More visits are always an option if needed.


The first prenatal visit includes a full physical exam, complete medical history, and lab work. During this visit we will get to know each other and plan your personalized care. Each subsequent visit includes a wellness assessment where I check urine, blood pressure, the baby's heart beat, and growth of the baby. Visits also include discussions about pregnancy and childbirth as well as thoughts, concerns or questions you may have.


All prenatal visits take place in one of my offices except a home visit at 36 weeks.

I am on call 24/7 for prenatal and postpartum clients.

Home Birth


Each birth is attended by Julie and an experienced midwife assistant in the privacy and comfort of your home. Once active labor begins we provide continuous care where we regularly and unobtrusively monitor the well being of you and your baby. We support the natural labor and birth processes and encourage eating, drinking and being in whatever position feels best for you. After the baby is born we support breast feeding, perform a thorough newborn exam and assess your wellbeing.
I stay until breastfeeding has been established and you and your baby are stable.


Postpartum and Newborn care

You will have help and support for the first 6 weeks after birth. There are 2 home visits in the first postpartum week where birthing parent and baby are examined,
a newborn screen is performed, and breast/chest feeding support is provided.
Ample time is given to review the birth, address specific needs, and fill out paperwork including the birth certificate. A 6 week postpartum visit will be at the office where we talk about your postpartum recovery and family planning if needed.

Image by Luiza Braun

Breast/Chest Feeding Support

Breast/chest feeding is discussed throughout prenatal care and I offer continuous counseling in the postpartum period either in person or by phone.

Annual Exams

Female Couple at Home

Annual exams include a complete medical history, physical exam, and a Pap if needed. I review pathways to wellness with an emphasis on healthful food and lifestyle choices, exercise and stress reduction. I can also discuss and start contraception, natural family planning, and preconception care if needed.
Unless otherwise planned, this visit takes place in the office.  

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