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Deciding to become a parent, give birth, and care for a baby is one of the most important and miraculous events in our lives. When families feel safe and supported, it is an empowering and transformational experience which sets the stage for deep bonding and increased confidence in parenting. Being pregnant and giving birth deserves time, attention, care, and celebration! It is an event of a lifetime.


Throughout our lives we devote time, thought and money to the many endeavors we think are important or necessary: getting a cell phone, computer or tablet, education, clothes, finding a home, buying a car, planning a wedding, finding the perfect present, going out to eat or going on vacation. These are all different for each of us but what is true for all of us is that we prioritize our finances around what we value the most. What is more important than bringing life into the world? Or more important that being in control of your prenatal care and birth experience?

Insurance & Fees

Prenatal, birth & postpartum care

I am an "out of network provider" and can bill most insurance companies including Medicaid. I use a billing company who submits the claim after the baby is born. The fees mentioned below include all prenatal visits, labor and birth care and postpartum care for the birthing person and newborn. Labs, ultrasounds and visits with other providers are not included. 


For commercial insurance plans the amount ultimately reimbursed depends on your out of network deductible and co-insurance. The amount reimbursed is often not determined until after the baby is born. Because it is unclear how much insurance will cover my services, I charge clients with commercial plans the discounted cash fee of $5,300. Whatever I get back from insurance will go towards the amount clients have paid me. There is a billing fee of 10% of the amount that insurance reimburses. 

For Medicaid insurance, there are no out of pocket fees for health care. There is however a $1,000 non-refundable retainer deposit which is a separate fee and not related to health care. This fee is due by the first visit or before any care is provided. 


  • I charge a $1,000 non-refundable deposit to retain my services. This fee is due by the first visit or before any care is provided. This fee is due regardless of you insurance type. 

  • The full cash fee is $5,300. This fee only applies to people with commercial insurance plans (not Medicaid). This $5,300 includes the $1,000 deposit described above. Clients are charged $250 each visit which is deducted from the $5,300. The remaining amount is due by 36 weeks. 

I want to make sure everyone has access to home birth. If there are financial challenges please discuss this with me and we can explore the possibility of a payment plan. We can talk in more detail about how this works after the free consult visit. 

Other fees associated with having a home birth not covered by insurance:

  • $900-$1,100 for midwife assistant 

  • $100(ish) for birth supplies

  • Doula (required if this is your first baby)

  • Childbirth education and labor preparation (required if this is your first baby)

Well-person care

The fee for this visit is $250. 

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